Editorial Services

Understanding the unique needs of each client is my starting point. I am happy to discuss your project and goals and review your manuscript to determine the type and extent of editing that is your best fit. (Or if you are sure about what you need, I am just as happy to dive right in.)

(Light, Medium, Heavy)

My copyediting is designed to fine-tune your writing, ensuring it is clear, concise, consistent, and factually correct. We can discuss your content and goals first to determine the level of copyediting you want.


Line editing is where the magic happens. This is where I tighten up sentences, suggest alternatives for awkward phrasings, check parallelism, and help ensure clarity and flow. A line edit is where I can help make sure your writing is engaging and reader-friendly.

Many authors choose a combination of line editing and copyediting.



Proofreading services help ensure your work is impeccable and ready for publication--it's a last look to catch typos and grammatical errors.


I can help you win the trust of your readers by ensuring your facts are accurate and information credible.

Beta Reading

Ask about beta reading if you want someone to review your manuscript from the perspective of a general reader. Is it interesting, logical, well-written? Where does it need additional work?

Need any of the above services? Don't hesitate to reach out to me at Midnight.Ink@outlook.com. Let's transform your content into something extraordinary!